On every step, you need to choose your own devil or God inside you. God will guide you with love and the devil will cause destruction.

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Once I asked God, why do people do bad?

So I saw that good and bad are both inside us. It is like Ahem Brahmasmi. I am the Universe. This Universe has both good and bad and we also have both good and bad. The God and devil both exist inside us. Human beings have been given the power to choose between them on the every step.

So what happens when we choose something?

Both God and devil feed on what we think and what we do. As soon as we start thinking good, the God inside us start becoming stronger. When we think anything bad or anything negative, the devil starts feeding on that and starts becoming stronger. For example, when we lie, we are feeding devil. When we do something which we know deep down is wrong, the devil becomes stronger. At that time it may look easy to do thing but in the longer run it causes destruction.

Do good people get bad thoughts and vice-verse?

Day and night make 24 hours. Good and bad make a complete human being. We all have both good and bad inside us. On everything, we would get both good and bad thoughts. Good people will get a bad call too and the bad ones will get the right call too. It is up to us, depending on our will power, what to choose.

What happens when we make a bad decision or a good decision?

God is the highest self and the devil is the lowest self. When we choose God, we start reaching for higher self. When we choose a negative step, we start choosing the devil inside us and we start falling down.

If we really want to grow in life, be happy and in the light, on every step, we need to start strengthening the God inside us. Same will reflect in our energy and in our energy field. It will start changing the things around us.

Choose God, choose love. Choose to do the right thing.

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