A conflicted mind will never give you good results. Think clearly and focus to achieve.

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I want money but rich people are bad.

I want to have a life partner who is supportive but she shall look good and take care of my family. (Not a bad one, but no one has all the qualities)

I want a child, but I do not want a boy.

I want to be slim but I cannot diet. I will become weak.

I will become famous but then people will abuse my success and I will be lonely. Successful people are lonely.

I want to have a business worth 500 crores but people will be jealous of me and they will do bad things against me.

I have heard of lots of statements like these and many more.

The thing is they are our negative beliefs and stop us from achieving what we really desire. For example, I want to be rich but rich people are corrupt. SO you are telling your mind, I am honest and rich people are corrupt, so I can never be rich. I want to have a supportive life partner but she shall look good. What if you meet a girl, who is average looking, you will never be happy. The mind wants happiness, so you meet the next. I want a child but not a boy. What if it’s a boy who is waiting for you.

If you really want to achieve something, remove all the ifs and buts and have only one positive intention. Focus on that everyday and you will get it. I want to be rich and yes I want to be. I want to have a child and yes I want to have one. I want a supportive life partner. Create a life around that with love and happiness rather than adding fear to your intentions.

We can achieve anything but we need to focus and we need to focus only on that.

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