Ok..This is like early morning cuppa

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Yeah..I have not been regular, did not write for two days…not because I was so super busy that I could not…I was busy yes had some other priorities too…so writing today in the morning w/ my morning tea…I call it as my ginger tea cuppa…thats my fav drink after water…cannot start my day w/o this..Though I understand health, green tea etc…I do take green tea especially before going to bed..but morning I am addicted to ginger tea..

2 days have been quite eventful..my book hopefully should be in print next month max…its all ready now after editing etc…sent the final touchups on same..spoke to couple of people..publishers says reviewers have liked it..so who will decide the fate..sale? Lets see how well its accepted by the people like me…I definitely love it as its my baby..I wrote it page by page..so I created it…everyone love their babies..

Got a chance to ride an auto on a chilled evening..the autowalas who act pricey in summer acted very behaved in winters as there are not many crazy to ride an auto in winters as he also mentioned same, their business reduces to half….poor auto people, not because they have to behave but because their business is reduced and I can imagine as these are the people who live hand to mouth.

So we all do suffer business cycles, just that everyone has different season… lets see what would be the shape of my cycle..

Had nice experience too.. Went to DGCA, and Airport Authority of India…people say they are corrupt..but actually they are not..if you have everything in place and you follow the procedures, it may take little time but things are not that bad too..we corrupt them and then we complain like we want them to skip procedures and so that would come at a cost and then we complain..thats not fair to them..so far I found them honest..afterall most of us want to work.

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