A loose commitment

sheetal Uncategorized

Wow..thats what I would call a loose commitment. For last 2 months I am telling myself to write for my website and deferring it. And the beauty of this is that i daily have a new excuse to myself that thats why I did not do it and I would do it morrow. I would get time daily for my tea, newspaper, work, TV which I promise daily i wont watch still I end up watching….thats called an addiction , so I have two commitments 1. To write for my website and second to stop watching TV and they are on loose.

So I commit here again that i would do so..as I am writing it to entire networld…generally we do not give excuse to anyone..we give excuse to ourself justifying the big ego we have..telling yes we are right and deep down we know always what is right and what is wrong..so let me kick myself for giving silly excuses.

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