My Karma is my religion. It is love, kindness, truth and honesty.

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So amongst friends and loved ones, there was a discussion going on religion. There were followers of multiple religions. Which religion is better?

Where does it matter?

Does not matter how deeply you follow all the customs, it does not matter, which religion do you follow, what matters is what type of human you are. One thing is common, we all are born humans. So this is our religion. Religions were created by us, humans were created by God. So our first religion of custom to follow if being human. For that, we do not need discourses. For that, we do not need any books. We all know deep in our hearts what to do and what not to do. When we do something wrong, we know we are doing wrong. When we do something right, we know it’s right. Deep down we all have a radar.

So what is that?

Follow the truth. If you protect the truth, the truth will protect you. Whatever you follow, it follows you. If it’s the truth then truth will come. If it’s a lie, lie will come. But then a lie is not strong enough to protect you.

Be honest in whatever you do. Whether its money or it’s the work. If you aren’t doing honestly, it will never happen for you. Honesty will bring the results you want. Whether you are doing the work for yourself or for someone else.

Be kind. Be kind to yourself and others. wherever you can help others. Help someone who is lower than you. Making fun or talking bad is not kindness. When you are kind you help someone in every way. Help to raise someone’s dignity. If you cannot protect someone’s dignity while helping, it’s not kindness, its ego.

Love, that’s above all. Do everything with love. Let’s say, when you are angry and you do something, everyone would say, better do it. Live with love, do it with love. Let love guide you, be a follower of love and it will take you where ever you want.

My Karma is my religion. My karma is love, kindness, truth and honesty.

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