We never want to see darkness

sheetal Uncategorized

We never want to see darkness..all what we want to see is light, when we enter a dark room,where there no light, we try to feel things and we start visualising, if its a known territory we try to make sure..ok here there is a desk and there is a switch and so on..so we try to vanquih darkness and deny its existense. When we enter an unknown territory we try to be careful and we start assuming and we start searching and thus we again deny darkness. We try to feel things. When we close our eyes, we either think or we sleep. When we think we either think of past and the memories come back in front of eyes and we see the things like looking at a photo album or if we think about future we try to envision our thoughts and thus we try to see things how would they look like with all the questions of ifs and buts. When we go to sleep, either we slip into unconcious/subconcious state or we may dream so again we didnt see darkness.

However, if we give in to the darkness, then only we realise that darkness is the only absolute thing which takes you to the light. You need to be in darkness to reach light. Once you close your eyes and give into the darkness, then only the curtain lifts and you see the true light inside you, the light which connects you to the realself. Darkness is the path which takes you to light. So step on it and you will start connecting to your real light.

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