Can we compartmentalize

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Ah….I wish..we can compartmentalize what we think and we can lock the compartment where the thoughts stay about which we dont wanna think. Wow how simple life would be. You will have all the luxuries of sound sleep, no tension….no problem of High BP, no problem of heart attack and…all such similar things…. Still its in wish list. After a nice day..had a spat w/ mom in the evening and doesnt matter who is right or wrong, its just that both sides feel bad later on. what did I learn today….thats what i try to wonder, if I didnt try to learn anyday..that day wasnt worth….may be we dont realise, but everything teaches us something..I am not talking about argument..Comeon, I dont think I wud accept here I was wrong or she wud accept that she was wrong..but what i m wonderig was it worth, may be I cud have avoided it quietly..thats what is the main thing..why to waste first energy in arguing n then drooling over it..if its necessary then only do it…and what I wonder, I think most of the time its trivial issue which can be avoide and not worth arguing for….One more important thing this I teach in my sessions..but may eb i would eb able to implement it 100% and then I would be proud of myself..sometimes I forget my ownthing..and sometimes u dont intend to..but it just spirals up…

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