A Beautiful day!

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When I was writing yest about my adieu to 2009, I never knew I would have a this kind of start. One of my uncle called me and said wanted to go and watch movie w/ me. Anyway I got up as usual, got the tickets as there is a mad rush to watch Avatar even after 3 weeks of release. Gladally I bought tickets as show was full. He drove down for 1 hr to get here. We watched the movie, had nice food at Sagar Ratna after that and then went to meet the editor of my book. After that he came back and dropped me, which took him more than 2 hrs thanks to Delhi roads and let me tell you he is 74 years old. I came back around 8.30 and he would eb reaching back home at 9.30, with no wrinkle on face. So I had a funful and great day.

Now, my day was great not because I watched movie, or I spent with him, these are all the factors. But there is a very big thing which I cannot stop wondering about. We all hear that in old age you become lonely, especially if your partner leaves the world before you, no one cares for you and so manythings alike. BUt what I realised today is, they become lonely because they made themselves lonely. His wife left him (Expired) long back and since then he has been embracing everyone who comes on the way. You need to becomes theirs to get them with you. You reach people and world will reach you. YOu do not wait for others to come and say Do you need something, you go and say how can I be there for you, tell me.

Your love was for one person earlier and your world was limited, now your love is for 100s, 1000s and many more and in return its the exponentially expanded love you get. So it depends on you if you want to become lonely or you want whole world to love you. I salute the spirit to embrace the world and got the lesson. I really had one of the most memorable day and an unforgettable lesson.

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