We do not need to be perfect. We just need to be kind and loving.

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She wanted to be perfect and she wanted everything to be perfect in her life. She was very strict with her husband and her only son. She had an image of perfect everything. She lived under the immense pressure of living a perfect life and that pressure built upon others. Her servants did not serve for long and her husband and the son did not want to see her face to face. They were always scared that she might comment on something they did which was not so perfect. They could never relax in front of her. Finally, her son asked to leave her house and she asked the reason. He told her that he has never felt loved. He only felt the pressure of being perfect. She told him that she was doing it for him and he said that she did it for herself. In fact, they were doing all this while for her and they never wanted a perfect home. They wanted a loving woman, a kind woman, who could love and understand them.

She wondered what was her mistake?

She called up her friend and asked her how she felt about her life. The friend told her that we look up to you and wonder can we be so perfect anytime? She asked then why they are not doing? Her friend was silent! Then she shared that she tried doing things like her but then it started creating problems with everyone. Including her servants. her servants also started leaving and her husband told her what was the need. Every one was living happy and peacefully, In fact that loving lady was perfect. Rather than trying to create a perfect home, she had to create a perfect life which was based on love and kindness. Her friend shared that she could feel relaxed as she was not under any pressure and she could see everyone relaxing. She could ignore her servants mistakes instead of shouting at them. She could do more things with little mistakes, she could her more people around and that brought her peace.

Being perfect is not about doing things perfectly and not allowing yourself to do any mistake. It is about being kind and loving. Let yourself do mistakes. Let people around you do mistakes. But be loving and be kind. Let people share that love around you.

Spread that kindness and love around you and that is being perfect. Why do we need everything to be so well organized? Isn’t it so pressurizing? Just let it be loving. It’s ok, if the homes are little disorganized, if people are kind and happy.

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