We can never grow in life by avoiding challenges. We need to embrace them and walk through them with patience and courage.

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A few years back, I attended a workshop. It has left a great imprint on my mind. So we had to do an exercise where we had to walk on the bed of burning coals. We were asked to focus on the successful completion rather than burning and also we were told to walk on it slowly. We were specifically told, not to run or to stand in it. In both situations, we would be burnt. I learned my one of the biggest lessons. Whenever there is a challenge, do not try to run. Do not try to stand. Just take one step at a time and you will come out fine and victorious.

This is what we need to do. Life will bring in challenges. Life will test various mettle. We need to stay tight. We can never avoid. Some people have a tendency to walk the sage road. Yes, we can but then when we miss out on extreme pain, we miss out on extreme joy too. We miss out on extreme failure, we miss out on extreme success too. And who knows what type of challenge is waiting in the middle road?

So what do we need to do? We need to have courage, stay true to ourselves and everyone else, we need to do the right things with the right intention, we also need to grow internally, so that we can become better, we need to learn to let go and we need to take one day at a time. We also need to have faith that it will be solved and where ever we feel stuck, we need to seek guidance. Just a simple shout to the God, that please guide me, take me on the right step, be my guide, be my strength, works wonders.

Why do the challenges come? See it’s like a body. Why do we get pains in the body? So that we can know where something is wrong and what is wrong. So when challenges happen, and we go through pain, we realize that what we need to work upon. When we start doing that internal work and the work on our karma, we come out better and shining.

So walk with love and courage. Walk with patience and faith. Walk with truth and persistence and everything will be fine.

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