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Few days back, I met a person, who wanted to eat something but because he thought he should not indulge in this he asked his daughter, because I did not have a proper breakfast and I am feeling hungry can I get some food. She asked him what do you want to eat, he said, whatever is there, she told him the things available, however, she thought because of fathers age, he may not like to eat the junk food so she did not offer what actually he wanted to eat, so he said ok leave it I am not feeling like having anything. Now the big question is, why did he try building the justification for something so simple which he wanted to do and which is not wrong from any perspective? May be he was guilty within himself that at this age he should not eat such things? However, who has defined such norms?

Why cannot you just go and do things just because you want to do them? Why do you have to worry about others? Why do you set a parameter for judging yourself and others? Aren’t you binding free souls behind such boundaries? If you are not hurting anyone, you can go ahead and do anything you like? Do not worry what others would think of you. If you want to get drenched in rain, go ahead and do it. If you want to run like a free soul do it, why are you depriving yourself of small things which happen to give us immense pleasure?

However, you need to keep just one thing in mind, do not step onto someone else’s head while doing so. You cannot murder someone because you just could not tolerate his/her sight. You cannot steal from someone because he is richer than you.

Liberate your soul from all the justifications and live like a free soul.

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