The Best immunity comes from a positive mind, a happy heart, and a healthy diet. Of course, nature is the best doctor.

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I grew up in an open environment, playing on the ground with friends under the sunlight with lots of trees surrounding me. I loved lying on a hammock, which I had seen only in movies at that time. My father used to manufacture nylon ropes at that time, so I had made my own which could fit me. Whenever I wanted to relax, or feel better, I used to come and lie down on my hammock. What my mom did not know that I had daily time in my time table in my mind, to lie down on my hammock. I used to look at the stars and talk to them. I had my favorite stars. (The real stars not the movie stars). I did not know, my blessings at that time. Now, when I look around, I realize what I had. I had access to the best doctor of the Universe. I was emotionally better as I played with my friends. I always looked forward to what’s next. I did not feel the fear of next day.

I get so many calls, these days when people tell me, they had fallen sick after a fight or an argument. They are scared if it’s corona. They do share that it had hit them hard when they felt emotionally low. We also know that we attract many diseases when we have a stressed thought process. So many diseases I can write here, which occur due to different types of stresses. And ofcourse, we cannot be healthy, if we have not taken healthy diet.

So what shall be done?

What can give us a good immunity? Why the talk of immunity? Because this is what we need to sail through everything.

A positive though process. Work on your stress. If you need to sort out something with someone, sort that out. Do good karma, that brings many positive thoughts. Stop thinking or doing bad to anyone. Live an honest life. When you know you have done the right thing, you feel good. Read positive things, watch positive things. have something to look forward to next day and in the next moment. Start doing things. If nothing is helping, just chant thank you in mind. Gratitude is the biggest healer.

Work on your happiness quotient. It is an inside job. Do not let it depend on something. Accept things in your life, rather than staying in the complaining mode. Stop arguing in your mind for everything. Start talking to resolve everything with love. Focus on love in everything. Love itself is the biggest healer. learn to forgive and learn to surrender. that brings happiness. Learn to do things without expectation. It will make you feel better about yourself.

Eat healthy. eat natural food. Stop eating junk. Stop eating for taste. Start eating for health. (Enough written around on that)

And spend time on ground. Spend time in touch with the nature. take a lot of sunlight. Take fresh air. Sweat it out in nature. Love the trees. be with them and you will see the difference in your health.

Immunity is an over all job. It is just not food or detox or one or two tipe. It is an ongoing thing and let it be your overall life style.

Let’s fight it! Let’s beat it! Let’s have a happy, healthy and loving life.

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