Since when do we know what do we need

sheetal Uncategorized

We may want many things in life but rightly said since when do we know what actually we need and if we go after something which we want but we may not need, we may end up regreting and complaining that we hadnt asked for this, we create the circumstances, we ask for something and we forget the package it would bring never blame someone up there for circumstances created by us or accept that they are the result of what we had asked face the reality, accept the things and be brave. I am not saying you cannot ask for things in life but be ready to face what it brings along. Do not blame others for whatever is happening in your life, its easy and its difficult to accept that somewhere it was your fault. So accept your life as its yours and stop whining! Take the control, thats what is being truely fearless…and courageous thats like accepting the life.

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