Shining in the sun shade like a pearl up on the ocean!

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Life is a miracle…and being born with all the gifts is a further gift. Your biggest gift is you, yourself, then your sanity, then your complete body. You search for things outside and then you complain that why did you deprive me of the blessings not realizing that we are already blessed.

There was a man who suffered huge loss and was going to kill himself as he wasnt left with any money. One rich trader was passing by and he saw that this man was trying to kill himself, he asked him why are you doing so, man told him I have no money, I have nothing left with me, I dont want to live as I do not know how to survive, the trader said Ok I will give you whatever money you want and in return I want your two hands. The money should complete your need and I like collecting hands, so I add to my collection, the man was shocked at this and says he doesnt want this sort of money, but he also realised having a complete body is the biggest gift and we can achieve anything with this.

So instead of complaining for what others have and what you do not have first you should be thank ful for waht you have. You will shine like a fresh pearl!

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