More power shall be used to serve more. Then it shall grow more.

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He was a poor guy who ran away from home. He joined as a small errand boy in a small food joint. The owner started liking him as he was working so honestly and he was working hard. Everyone could see that and some people felt jealous. One told the owner also that what if he ran away with money someday. After all, he needed a lot. Slowly, the owner started giving him bigger responsibilities. One day, the owner handed him the key to the money locker when the owner was going away. And he took away. One of his peers told him to run away with the money as he got an opportunity. As per his peer, he would never grow more than this. But he was wrong. The boy took care of everything and stayed honest. The owner started trusting him more and started involving him in more and more things. The boy got married to his daughter in some time and the owner knew that the boy had the talent. Then the boy left the job and started his own restaurant with a loan and gradually expanded his own chain.

When I met him, I was wowed. Such a beautiful story of success and hard work. But how did it happen? He kept working hard, he kept serving better and he kept receiving more power. He was always more compassionate to people, he always helped more. How does that help? Well, somewhere there is a cycle of Karma, somewhere there is a cycle of blessings that works. somewhere the cycle of giving works.

And also somewhere the cycle of bad karma, abusing the power also works. Whatever we give out, comes back.

So work hard. Serve more and grow more.

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