Lonely in the crowd

sheetal Uncategorized

I wrote this poem some days back when iw as feeling lonely…

I was alone walking on a parched desert
Still I am alone but amidst crowd
I was alone but not lonely
More is the crowd and lonelier I am

Wilderness was a course was not by choice
I walked through it and found myself
Found my best friend and the companion
Found my aim and made the lane

The desert ended and saw the habitation
Met the crowd and the bewilderment
Uprooted by the storm and its whirl
Taking away the sanity and the beauty

Lost myself when met the crowd
Lost the connection and the transience
Loosing away the companion in the crowd
Loosing the freedom getting caged

Determined to be free I hold my hand
Never to loose the indispensable
Taking along myself in the crowd
I vow to the friendship bestowed on me

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