Just do not hurt anyone, be kind and loving. Everyone is already dealing with a lot.

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A few days back I went to a party and spoke to a couple of people. Some old friends and some new friends. When I have a tendency to listen, people have a tendency to share. One lady shared that, she was in the middle of divorce for five years. She caught her husband with someone and now, he has filed a case against her saying that she is mistreating his daughter. Another one shared that, how in covid 2 she lost both her parents, and since then she had not recovered emotionally. Another one shared how his daughter was sick and they were unable to diagnose what was the reason. One gentleman shared that, suddenly how his business ran into losses and how his health also suffered after that. And the stories continued.

I wondered people are dealing with so much. Though it was a party and everyone was there for one common reason. We all had some personal relationship with the host. It looked like a party but there was some pain in everyone’s heart.

And many times, we would not know, the battle someone is fighting. But everyone is fighting a battle or dealing with the loss of the battle which is over now. Be kind, be loving. Do not hurt anyone. We never know, if we have hurt an already breaving heart. Or maybe with our kind words we are able to heal someone’s heart. The choice is ours.

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