I want to…..


Do you think you need any other justification in this world when you want to do something…actually not and if you have any other reason..you are not being fair with yourself. I do not believe in I should….its not about self pride or vanity..if you do something which you feel you should..you will be suffocating yourself as you feel that I have done this thing out of force not will…you cannot shrug your responsibilities off but accept them whole heartedly..if you cant believe in them then leave them behind..if Mother Teresa did social service because she wanted to not because she thought she should…if you do something which you want to…you are at your best and even the results are best..

If you build any other reason..either you do not believe in the thing which you are doing that’s why you need justification…and then you would pile up guilt about it..I guess you do not want that…and if you do something because someone is forcing you to do that..get independent..rise to yourself and take a stand..do not just keep doing because others want..you will lose yourself and you do not want that either..

Do things because you want to..you will be free…if you want to live with freedom…do as you want to…( However, does not mean you step onto others freedom)

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