Having the intention of impressing others is very stressful. Being genuine and loving is very peaceful.

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One couple had just come back from the party. She was furious and was fighting with him. He wondered why. The small argument turned into a big fight and he called up in the middle of the night. He shared that she dressed up nicely and said that I am ready to impress everyone today. But in the party everyone is dressed up nicely, so how she could get special attention. On the contrary, some people whom she did not appreciate in her life were the center of attention. And this irritated her and now, he was being treated as the punching bag.

When I spoke to her, I asked her, why did you dress up nicely and she shared that she wanted to look nice and she wanted everyone to appreciate her. I asked her, did she appreciate herself and the answer was no. So if you did not, how would others appreciate you. You started from being stressed as your focus was to impress others not to enjoy the party. All the time, whenever you talked to someone, you kept thinking that he must appreciate you and you should impress that person. You could not be you and you kind of changed your genuine behavior. Which again stressed you further.

Now, let’s talk about people who actually gained the attention. They were just enjoying the party. And everyone wanted to enjoy. You were stressed and they were happy and creating happiness. If you look at this situation in isolation, with whom you would like to be? Or let’s say, you have gone to buy a piece of art. One is little stressed and because of that the colors are less vibrant and may be supressed from one side and one is vibrant and happy piece of art. Which one you would pick up and the answer is latar. It’s a human tendency. If you are stressed, people whould not like to be with you, the energy would be repelling. If you are peaceful and happy, everyone would want to be with you because everyone wants that.

In another incident, a gentleman shared his experience. He shared that he experienced real growth in life, when he stopped working to impress others. Because at that time he was stressed. And he could never speak what he really wanted to. he always kept doing and talking assuming what others would like. This suppressed his own talent. But when he focused on his own mind and what he felt was genuine, he could grow better as it turned out that his genuine ideas were really great. He was more peaceful and happier after that. He started trusting himself more.

Whether its work or real life, trust who you are. Be who you are. Be genuine and have the best intentions. It’s good for the growth, its good for the relationships and good for your own mental peace. Ah..peace..whatever its worth!

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