God has his own way of sorting out karma. Don’t wait for revenge. Move on and keep doing good.

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He was seething with revenge. His wife filed a domestic violence case against him and got separated. Within one year, she got married and moved on. He went through very tough times because of the legal cases. He also found out that she got married to the same gentleman with she was involved just before they marriage and she might have been involved even when she was with him. So she might have done all this to be with those guy again.

There were so many ifs and buts. And yes, she might have done the worst to him. But still what was the best for him? Even after five years, he was unable to move on and was seething with revenge. After so many discussions, he realized let her be and he shall move on and focus on creating his own life because while waiting for her Karma to come back he was damaging himself more. After 10 years, when his wife had another child, her company blamed her for fraud and fired her and her new husband’s family also blamed her for stealing jewellery. Not to mention, she got divorced second time. But it took 10 years to face the Karma.

One gentleman took his brother’s share from the business and prepared wrong paperwork. His brother cursed him and kept cursing him. After 20 years, the first one had a major problem in the kidney and then he got a heart attack. He was in hospital for one month and the bed ridden for one year. There was a major medical expense and after that he could never resume work.

God has own way of handling things. No one can ever escape Karma. The problem is we want things to sort out our way. No, things do not happen like that. And we are no one to decide someone else’s karma. That’s is a Universal thing.

Keep doing good. Even by desiring someone else’s bad even if they have done bad to us, we are heading towards wrong. So bless them and move on!

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