Adieu 2009

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31 Dec 2009, may be the last day of one year by the calander….may hold different reasons to different people, for party buffs, it would be like another reason to party, it may give reason to celebrate, like my cousin who hails from a small town and such celebrations havent touched such parts of the country, now in Delhi after marriage, so she has a reason to celebrate as its her first new year after marriage, someone had a stupendous year, some old will just sleep it through, some youngones also would sleep through, some may just make some calls, or some text messages. So I was wondering what should I be doing….as usual asked brother, should we go out and as we knew the reaction, it was not a very positive response, though when i had woken up in the morning never thought I would ask my bro for same, but sometimes, things just happen and just now he apologized the way he had reacted. When I woke up I had decided to call all people who had sent me texts, write my blog as this gives an opportunity to share, we have so much need to share, I dont know where this need stands in Maslow’s hierarchy level, but without this we feel so suffocated, so crossed, so much helpless, we search for partners, we search for friends all what to share good and bads. Researchs say, even when the grivences are heard people feel important and their greviences reduce to 50% just by sharing.

2 years back I decided, every day would be a new day as I believe every sun brings a new sunshine. I dont believe in passing lots of resolutions, I dont believe in missing the past as both good and bad takes you back, but I do believe in learnings, so let me share them:

1. Stay happy, Gita says if good time has gone, even bad would go, so does it happen, happiness is different from having end less list of things we wish in life, if we want we can be happy in just one thing…yourself..if you have yourself believe me you dont need anything else, you wre the true winner. So better you find yourself first.

2. Good times come bad times come, never give up, and if you dont, you are bound to bounce back.

3. Stop expecting and start giving, do your best, may be you would get much more than you had expected. Keep Fighting, you loose the battle when you stop fighting.

4. You decide your worth and do not see yourself from others eyes.

I am not writing all this because I read some book and I am trying to pass resolutions, I am writing all this as these are learnings. I did not learn them from books, I learned them from what all we see in life. Your llife changes with your outlook. The day you change your outlook, things change for better. I can write one of the best incidence of the year…I am a Personality Development Trainer too. I wouldnt name..I joined a company for sometime assuming Trainer’s life is free from politics, I went there happily. Somehow, the training coordinator herself wanted to be a trainer, so she started messing up with me. Started telling things that she is a bad trainer and ofcourse she tried making my life difficult. I asked for change of office as instead of fronting, I wanted a peaceful life. Things happen for good, I left and my students revolted, they got me back and this had happened first time ever in the history of that big company. After this I got so much love from my students and my fellow mates. So lotta bad things happen for good.

2009 has been a very fulfilling year and my biggest achievement is when I wake up I am happy and smiling and when i sleep I thank to God for he being there with me.

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