A home filled with love, peace, and harmony is the abode of the divine. Fill up your home with love.

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If we go to a temple or a Gurudwara, we can feel the energy and how it is healing us. The peace we feel when we sit there. Sometimes, we do not feel like getting up from there. All the time, they are doing a path which has such a positive vibration that it can purify everyone’s vibration. When I was small, I always wondered, is it possible to have that kind of ambience at someone’s home. We live there and we have all kind of things going on and the stress. So is it possible?

I went to a friend’s place and when i entered there, I felt so much of peace. The house was full of divine energy. I wondered what all she was doing. There was a small temple, not a very big one and this is kind of a common thing in every house. However, what I saw was, everyone was smiling and peaceful. People respected each other and also, they did not have any negativity. Along with that, I felt the plants and yes, people did have faith. The windows were open and there was a lot of sun light and fresh air coming in. I spoke to her daughter, she shared that God is in every particle and he is everywhere. I was amazed with her answer.

So what did I learn?

A home is always a temple, if we invite love and harmony there.

Everything has a positive energy and abundance if its done with love.

Invite divine to live. The divine is in every particle. let him be.

Our negativity invites any negative thing, when we have positive thought process, everything starts healing and starts becoming divine.

Plants have own role in healing and creating positivity. Because nature is always healing and divine. And when we have ample sun, light and fresh air coming in, it is cleansing for us physically and spiritually.

Create a divine abode of love and connect with nature there. It will help the inhabitants and it will heal and keep everyone healthy mentally and physically.

Generally, i have seen a home with closed windows that might be to protect the interiors) have bad vibes and many fights. The reason is the air is not cleansing. It is stale. And our thoughts keep circulating and settling in the same environment. So keep the windows open.

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