Karma always comes back. It is inevitable.

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Earth is a land of Karma. Law of Karma is much bigger than what we can understand. It is into everything. Sometimes we feel these laws work against each other but no, they are perfectly designed in alignment with each other. Yes, every law has many things describing it making it finer and finer. So let’s simplify it.

You receive what you give
It comes as a learning
It comes back on the most sensitive spot
You do good, good comes back
You do bad, then bad comes back

Almost everyone knows basic of law karma. But how many of us realize it is a moot question. Because if we start realizing what we know, we would not do any wrong atleast intentionally. I have seen people shouting at maids without their fault, I have seen brother cheating brother in business, I have seen people cursing their jobs and not working honestly, we all hear murders and rapes, if they would think of Karma they would never do such things. On the flip side of it, I have also seen how goodness comes back. How one person helping others get helped, how nature comes in protection of an honest man, how hard work and honest work gets rewarded, how beautiful life is when it is full of goodness.

So why do we have to have fear?
Because we have been taught with fear. Do not do bad thing not because it is bad but otherwise bad will come to you. We have been taught the difference of right and wrong by learning wrong. What we do not know is, even thinking bad of others will create bad for us because we are creating our lives with our thoughts. So what do we have to do?

Even in thoughts, we need to do good things because that is the right way of living. We need to keep our intentions pure. We fear because inside we know we are wrong. If we would be right inside, we will never have to fear Karma. Do everything with right intentions and by keeping everyone’s interest in mind. Don’t be mean and do not be bad. BE compassionate and be honest.

Is it very hard? No! It’s simple. Just be kind and loving every time you think and you will see life will start changing for good always.

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