When we switch shoes our perspective changes.

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Met few people lately who have played different roles with time. They have understood both the parts.

One father said that he used to hate his own father for many things and now he finds himself doing those things to his own son. He regrets hating his father, he regrets time wasted with him, he feels his son also will understand in his own time and he is making an effort to bond with his own father.

Similarly, a mother of a son accepted similar things. When she was a daughter in law herself, there were many things she felt her own mother in law was doing and she used to laugh. Now, she herself was doing those things, she realized that how bad she must be for her own daughter in law. She started changing her behavior after that.

Life is like when we are driving, we want everyone to wait for us and when we are crossing the road, we want every car to stop for us. If we are tired or sick, we want everyone to be quiet and let us be alone and rest and not to ask to do anything but if someone else is sick, we want him/her to stretch a little bit saying we all have to do this much.

We need to change that. We need to develop that compassion and give it to others and self and then see the life. Always ask yourself, if you would have been in other person’s shoes, what would you have done, how would you have felt.

Before hating someone, ask yourself, what would you have done especially your loved ones, may be we will be able to develop better relationships and we will be more forgiving.

Switch your shoes, get a different and bigger perspective and think. You will always be on the loving side of life.

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