A thought of taking down others in life will take you down first.

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Met a gentleman who was crying out loud and explaining that how he spoiled his own life and business. He was in partnership with his brother and he became greedy. So they started having daily fights and when they could not resolve them, they got separated. After that, his business started coming down and he started another one with a thought that, he will prove to his brother that he was better than him. (Very common thought process while starting businesses) and soon he lost all his money and he was almost bankrupt but his brother only saved him. He could not prove what he had thought but this entire incidence proved that his brother was better than him in everyway like as a human and as a businessman.

Two sister in laws were living in same house. The elder one was always competing for mother in law’s attention and tried proving the younger one down. It felt like she was succeeding in the beginning but after few years, things were falling apart for her. Things which she was doing to prove the younger one down, she could no longer continue and eventually, she started feeling like the lady was a burden on her and truth started coming out. She eventually asked them to leave from her place and said that please try living with the younger one if they like the younger one so much.

Always stay true to yourself. Always stay true to what you desire. Always stay true in your own life. Know that, desiring bad for others will bring bad to you. karma never fails to return. It’s always coming back in full motion and it will hit you on most sensitive spot at the most sensitive time.

WE need to know and realize few things (Often we know but we do not realize the depth of that and definitely we fail to implement them)
We are creating with our thoughts. Life is an echo of our thoughts. Whatever we are thinking is being responded back in life by Universe.
Now we also need to know, for mind and Universe there is no you and me, it is all one. So whatever you are thinking and doing is coming back to you without discrimination as there is no you and me (That is our ego)
So whatever we are doing (Good or bad) we are doing for ourselves not for others.

Take care of yourself, nurture you mind with love and see the love blossoming everywhere.

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