Make an effort for your relationship everyday.

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One 40 something gentleman contacted after fifteen years of marriage. He said that he has lost interest in his marriage. Why do we go through such situation. The person we were excited to be with is now boring us. It is a valid question!

So it sounds like how can you bring a spark in the relationship?

Well, this dullness comes from the feeling when we feel we know everything about this person. We stop finding anything which is exciting. So if we really have to make an effort, we shall make an effort to start over again and again like never before.

Meet your partner like you do not know anything about her. And You know that in so many years, things have actually changed. You will find so many new things and people and stories in life which you have never known. Do not talk about tasks and to do list because sometimes, marriages are reduced to that. Instead, talk about how is life for her or him, what are their challenges, friends and everything like you would ask a new person and what changes they want in life. Bring that excitement. If you want change the place. Sneak out, make an effort, let it be like old days. Sit on a wall, holding hands like a new teenage couple would do and talk to each other. Find places to sit like that, just to spend time with each other. Stroke her hair or keep her head on your chest. Let that touch come, let that romance come. Do not feel shy about romancing, feel good about loving your partner. It is an essential part of any relationship.

We all have responsibilities and we all kind a get burdened under them in life. But we need to take out time for what will keep us going and happy and alive. It is like does not matter how busy you are travelling, you need to take out time to get your car serviced and oiled and everything else, so that it can keep running smoothly.

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