Are you creating your own intent or a part of others intent?

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We are a part of energy system. This energy is managed, transformed, manipulated, changes with our thoughts. Our emotions are a fuel for this energy. This is a known fact. And I do not know how many times I have reiterated this. If we can learn this, realize this and implement this, we can really change our lives. What we also need to know, we are emitting energy, absorbing energy and bringing in change in our lives and others lives.

So how are we transforming this energy?
We create an intent or the motivation with which we are doing things and Universe is responding to that. If we do not create that intent, we become a part of others intent. It is like there is a stack of energy, lying, anyone can come and use it. If we use it, it becomes ours. But if someone else is using it and we do not, it becomes a part of theirs too. And our energy becomes a part of others intent.

Scary? No! It’s a good thing we know it and use it. It’s a Universal law and it’s working for everyone without discrimination. So what shall we do?

Think what do you want
Have a positive motivation behind that
Negative motivation will just bounce things back on you
Have an intention to get what you want
Feel it in present moment
Focus on the outcome you desire rather than the how to get it (How brings lots of negativity)
Connect with your own feelings and how do you feel. If you feel happy, you are on the right track, if not, something needs to be corrected. Do not disregard that inner voice
Connect with your intuitions. That is how Universe is talking to you. Start listening to what you are feeling inside.
Take the guided actions

There is nothing which you cannot achieve, But what you want has to be known and clear in mind. Also, give your 100% and Universe will respond back with 100% results. If your efforts will be lacking, Universal response also will be lacking.

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