You have to see others beauty to see own beauty.

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I had gone for a small holiday. I am an early riser and generally I wake up early and take a round of the place and the place I am staying at. So I was sitting on a big rock and watching the sun rise. Was I totally lost in the beauty, I do not think so. I was just admiring and feeling blessed. But then my attention was drawn by someone who started talking. He explained me the beauty of that place and every animal and particle and insect and the people. I was lost in his description and the way he was explaining the beauty. In the evening I met him again and I did not recognise him. (May be I was so lost in what he had to say at that time). So he helped me in recalling jokingly. I asked him if he was a poet and he started laughing. He said that he was a businessman but he continued talking. He said that no one becomes poet by skills. They could see the beauty and felt it and that’s how they become poet. He was looking so beautiful with his words that I learned the new meaning of seeing the beauty. You do not have to see the beauty, you have to feel it, realize it and then only you can see the actual beauty.

When I felt the beauty of his mind, I did not even look at his face (That’s why probably I did not recognize him in the evening)But then I looked around and sqw that there was a beauty in everything. Everything looked so beautiful, the way it was created, the way, they were smiling, the way they were talking and expressing the emotions and then I felt really beautiful. After that I realized, to see own beauty, we have to see others beauty. But if we see what’s wrong in others this is how we would see ourselves too. Because this is about attitude. If we have an attitude to see beauty, then we can see beauty.

You need to choose what you want to see.

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