Gratitude is the doorway to love in a relationship.

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After marrying you, I feel so stuck in life.
Because of you, I am suffering so much.
You can never improve in life.
I hate myself for marrying you.
This is the most wrong decision of my life.
I regret marrying you.
I wish I would have listen to my mother and not marry you.
I wonder FOR YOU I went against whole world.
You have spoiled my life.
It is better to die than to live in this.
I am tolerating you because of kids.

Lots of such things we hear when couples fight and yes we do register such words somehow forever. Whenever there is a next fight, the other person slams that on face or it might keep hurting in the relationship forever.

So what do we do?

We need to know few things:
Every marriage goes through down phase.
We do we feel stuck so many times ( So many times it’s human nature too)
WE do feel like walking out many times (As we want to get out of the problems)
There will be fight
We will be blamed and held accountable for what we have not done
We will be sacrificed for others ego

So what’s the best part
We need a commitment to be together and we will be
If the intentions are right then we shall stick
We need to focus on solving things rather than winning over
We shall understand that the other person is also suffering and putting in all their efforts

WE need to learn to acknowledge what the other person is doing
We need to see what is being done rather than not done.
Now let’s take a scenario, you bring some gift for your maid and she rejects it. She does this everytime, so what would you do? Most of the people say, they will stop caring to bring something for her. Aren’t we doing same thing? Whatever is being done, we complain about that and then we hear, you always complain and that is how, the other person stops doing things for us and then we get frustrated. Now, reverse it, let’s say, she responds back with gratitude and happiness, we will bring it more. So in relationship also it’s the same thing. If we express our happiness and gratitude and acknowledge what’s being done rather than complaining, then the efforts would increase and relationship will improve. It depends on us, what we choose. Day and night both are a part of whole day. With gratitude, we can give way to more love. Try it!

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