Your intention is more important than what you have.

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I love strong people. I love people who have goals. I love people who have worked hard to achieve their goals. I love people who focused on achieving their goals rather than the obstacles on the way. I love people who work hard to reach where they want to in life. And I love meeting such people and I love hearing their stories of struggles and journey.

So recently met a businessman. Who had worked hard to reach where he was in life. He started from nothing. No experience, no family support and no money. So his father was a school teacher, family was in a situation where they could barely meet ends. Education was stressed upon a lot because this is how they were earning money. One day, he told his father he did not want to go to school and as an answer he received a good bashing. After two years, finally he left studies when he was in higher secondary. His father told him, he would not even get the job of a peon as he is not having even the basic degree. That did put him into the fear of taking 100% charge of his life but he knew he did not want to study just for the sake of degree. he had vision and he had courage. Fear was being given by others. he joined a shop as a sales man and pretty well there. But one day, he was kicked out of that as that shop was getting closed. Then he joined a different shop and then he did not find anY JOB. So he opened a small stall in a small area near an office space and his stall was very liked by every day office people. Then he opened another one and in one year he had three stalls. Soon which means in five years, he opened his big shop and then a departmental store.

Wow, someone coming from a teaching background opening a departmental store.

We do not need everything to work on our goals. What we need is:
Vision about that goal and life
A goal
Determination to work on it
Ready to go to any extent for it
Never die attitude
Humility to stay on it

We are ready to hit the bullseye! With our determination, Universe decides and supports.

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