Let Joy be your guide.

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One women in her 40s came to meet. She had achieved a lot in her life. She was a self made person. She was born in a family with very limited means. They did not have enough food to feed the entire family. She studied, worked, supported her family and then started setting up a stitching centre. The she employed more and more. She had 40 more women working for her in few years. So I asked her, how did she know she was doing right and she smiled and said I always followed how I felt. I was feeling joy of doing in whatever I was doing. If I did not feel the joy, I did not do that thing. If I had to hire someone, I had to feel happy by hiring that. If I did not feel happy, I did not work with that person, even if at that time, it meant a loss of business. But I followed how I felt.

Amazing! Amazing story of courage, resilience and happiness.

Often we ignore our own feelings and we start using mind and logic which is fair enough until we ignore our feelings. We feel, we are more practical when we are using logic above everything else but we forget our biggest power our feelings which are a direct connection with the bigger power. The power which is managing this Universe. Universe is guiding us, talking to us through our feelings. That’s why for so many things, we defy all the logics in front of our feelings and we say, I do not feel right about this, I feel we shall be doing this and like that. Our feelings are the messages we have been receiving from the Universe. So if we feel right and happy about something, it’ s a positive sign and if we feel, wait, hold back, it’s a negative sign from the Universe. If we will follow what our feelings are guiding us, then we will always be in right direction.

So many times, people ask me, how should I decide what is right and what is wrong. And the answer is ask no one but universe, ask yourself. If you feel right about something, do it and if you feel not so good then do not do it. Follow your own emotions, follow the joy you feel, follow your own guidance. Follow how Universe is talking to you.

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