Respect your partner as he/she is. Do not disrespect for how he/she should be.

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He was always scared of his wife and her comments and anger. For everything she told him, he was not good enough. When he was choosing a shirt she told him in front of shop keeper that what a bad taste he had. When he was trying to cook for her to make her smile, she shouted at him that he knew nothing and he shall never try . cooking (So he followed that). He had his own business and then she started interfering there saying he knew nothing there too. Though he wanted to stop her but he could not as some fear loomed over him always. So the business came down in few years and that blame was also on him for not managing the finances properly. She was using disrespectful words for him everywhere in person and in front of everyone else too. He lost his confidence to do anything and kids also did not respect him anytime. They also said same thing always. Our father does not know anything.

So one day finally after few years of marriage and everything, when it was already too late, he told her, he had tried a lot to meet her expectations and hear nice compliments from his partner, he was giving up and he wanted to know for one last time what did she expect in her partner as she called him he knew nothing. First thing she did not have an answer (Most of us do not have) and then she told him that see I am so intelligent and beautiful and I deserved someone really good. Ok and what is that really good? She told him vague things like her friend’s husband was so romantic, so good looking, her sister’s husband was such a big businessman and couple of things like that from different men. He started laughing and said if you would have been intelligent, you would have never done like this to your own partner, you would have supported. You wanted best quality of every men you met then you should have married five men rather than one because no one can have all the best qualities.

We all do such things. We compare our partners to some people we have met in past and we overlook how our partner is. We disrespect them as per our stupid standards. We don’t realize that we lose our partner forever in all this. Why do we have to? Instead of talking about partner’s weaknesses why can’t we talk about his strengths? Isn’t this an attitude issue rather than how our partner is? Why do we feel happy when we talk about silly things our partner does in room? Why can’t we simply take a stand for each other always?

Friends, let’s respect our partner in our mind and always. First stop pointing the mistaKES IN MIND AS THEY ARE. Learn to respect the partner for what do for us in mind and then it will always flow out. Give your partner the respect because this shows how you are as a partner.

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