Don’t create anything without love.

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Ok, so again I am back to love. Can’t help it. When I see more and more people coming to me and suffering in life without love, I feel sad. Because this is who we are and without love we go away from who we are.

So he started business to show down his brother. (It had to doom as it was full of rivalry and hatred)

She was cooking food and she was full of anger. She did not want to work but that she was forced too. The food turned out so bad that no one ate it which created further problems as she had made that food even after not wanting to make it.

The lady had a miscarriage and her husband was blaming her for that. He blamed her for not taking care of the child. The situation kept worsening and as soon as she would conceive, she would have a miscarriage in first trimester. They were trying to create a human life out of anger and frustration. But when they realized and sorted it out, they started supporting each other, they were blessed with a baby boy soon.

Love is the flow of Universe. Love is who we are. We were created with love to love. Love is light and absence of love is darkness. So when there is an absence of love, we will see darkness and we can never grow in darkness. We can never prosper in darkness. We can never be happy in darkness. Which means, we can never be happy in absence of love.

When a mother is cooking food she always has this intention that my kids will eat and feel happy after eating this. Now, that is so much love and that’s why a mother’s food is so famous. So what is adding taste to the food? It is love.

When a gentleman approached me to handle job stress, I realized he hated his job. He hated going to office. So I asked him to change and he told me that he was unable to find one. He did not have any reason to love his job and the first one was it was paying him. Without that he would be no where or let’s say on roads. When he realized and started loving his job gradually, his situation changed. He had better relationship at work and also he got promoted.

Love heals, love creates, love brings miracles alive. Love can heal anything. So whatever you are doing, do with love.

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