I love being me, do you?

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Sometime back, one lady in her 40s called up and started crying. She said that no one likes me. I waited for her to speak further and she said that everyone hates me. (Generally that is not true even the most horrible criminals are not hated by everyone). I asked her why do you feel so and she said few things like a small child, everyone keeps criticising me, no one cares for me and many things like that. Finally she came to meet one day and I asked her, do you like yourself? She raised her eye brows, and said I do not know. I looked her closely, there were lots of pimples and pimple marks on her face. I asked her what do you tell yourself when you see mirror? She did not want to look at me. So we got a sling mirror for her and asked her. So she did not look into the mirror and said what do I look at? It is so ugly, no one like it. Well it is not important whether others like it or not. Do you like it? She started crying and said that I used to love myself and now I do not. Everyday, I am just being told for last 20 years (Since I got married that how bad i am or how not good I am.

I could understand her pain and I knew what she was saying. Sometimes, when we enter into a new family, we face lots of criticism. May be we are not perfect but the changed environment and less pampering than own home brings down many things. So she had to become stronger than everything else. The only way was first to start knowing herself, loving herself for whatever she was. NO criticism. Even if others were, she had to create such a strong shield of love that everything hitting it would fizzle out.

She did that. She started appreciating herself, she started working on her strengths and she blossomed again. She looked pretty again, no pimples, she stood strongly again, she could support her children again and she did not cry on the drop of a hat. But for that her first thing was to start loving herself again.

For that she also started doing many things and she started creating her life and herself from scratch. After that she always said, I know what i am, I know what I am doing and I just love myself. I see it from my eyes not from someone else’s eyes. So I love my life and I love being me.

So do you?

Tell yourself

I love, i am love and I am loved.

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