You never lose what you give. You lose what you do not give.

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Met a friend long time ago who was facing an acute problem. He would keep saving money and he would lose it after few months. He ended up buying a small piece of land and later on it turned out to be a fake seller and he lost all his money. Then he invested in some local chit fund and the guy ran away with all the money. He had 3-4 more experiences. I told him that, do not stack up money. It’s an energy, it needs to keep moving. If it is not, it will on the first breeze. Spend the money you earn, save wisely and also give some charity. He was whimsical, what am I suggesting. He was like how can you even say something like this. We are supposed to protect every penny we earn and we do not need to. Anyway, you must have seen you cannot protect. Let it be in flow. So he started spending better and he also started making some charity. Like the money was waiting for him to get into flow mentally. In next meeting he already had money, he was planning to invest in different sources.

It is not only about money. I remember a friend, who always used to give books to others after he finished reading. He used to receive so many books in return. Everyone would bring the books to him as to share and gift also. So many times, people would leave their books saying, he could pass it on or keep it.

In another case, a gentleman used to give food to atleast one hungry everyday. HE would share with many more if he would find but atleast one hungry everyday. He used to get so much invitations for food everyday. He used to wonder how much food he could consume and how much he would receive. He always received more than he could consume which means, he would go and share more.

It’s a myth that we would lose what we are giving. It only grows. What you keep stacking would get staled and the energy would end or let’s say it would die. So keep giving. Energy shall be like a flowing river. Does not matter how much water you take out from a flowing river, it’s constant and fresh. But if you stack up the water and do not use it, eventually it would be of no use to anyone but some insects. So let it flow. Let life flow. Give freely and give open heartedly.

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