It is very important to be a good listener for a successful relationship.

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So many times, I get to hear complaints from parents or partners. They do not listen to us. No one listens to me or things like that. So when I spoke to a wife, who was very happy in marriage, I asked her, what’s keeping her happy. She started laughing and said that he really loves me and cares for me. I asked her, how does she know that? She started laughing and said that when I speak, he listens to it very carefully. It matters to him what I speak. My emotions are important to him and how she knows that? Because he listens to her. Similarly, an old mother also said something similar. She was almost bed ridden. But she shared that her son spends time with her and listens to her everyday. Which makes her feel that he is there for her.

Often we want someone to hear what we have to say. Infact where ever we are, mostly we want to talk about self and we want others also to talk about us (In a good way) but we have very little patience for others. We want others to know how others have been bad to us, how time had been bad, how we have struggled through, how much hard work we have put in, how we have triumphed over life and many many things. But we do not have patience for others.

But everyone has emotions and they are important to everyone. So how about we offer an honest ear to our loved ones. We hear their emotions and understand them. I know it is important what we are thinking but our loved ones are also important to us. And their emotions are important to them. So we have to participate in their emotions. Even they want us to hear them. So offer an honest ear and you will see the change in your relationship.

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