When others are bad to you, focus on maintaining your peace.

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We often go through many situations in life. WE do come across people who are bad on face or sometimes they are not bad on face but bad from inside. WE know what they are doing and still we keep quiet. Sometimes out of respect for self or to maintain peace or to avoid conflict. But these situations, do affect us emotionally and sometimes for a longer period of time. So many times, we do not express anger but we keep feeling that anger for a long time, which takes away our peace and affects our peace in other areas of life too. So it is important to handle our emotions in such situations to main own peace. It is very easy to get carried away in such negative situations either by reacting or getting involved and playing negative too, like expressing anger or may be even playing manipulative like others. But do we actually want that?

I believe we are very loving and peaceful beings. WE like to be happy and peaceful. So first thing this is what we have to remember. So what shall we do in such situations?

Do not focus and think and rethink, what the other person is saying and doing. If you start thinking and rethinking, what the other person is doing, it is very difficult to hold back the river of emotions which will come flooding us. So we have to do is, we have to focus on what we can think. If you cannot think of anything positive then simply just start blessing the situation like “God bless you” repeat that again and again in your mind and heart. Also you can tell yourself, it’s not me, this is how he or she is. Moreover, whether we express or not, but feeling angry from inside and not expressing it will contribute to the negative of the situation equally. As there is a negativity from both the sides. It’s like if there is fire from both the sides, it will burn down whole house. But if there is a flow of love and blessings from one side, it will start healing the situation.

Like Buddha said, do not drown in others anger, involve them in your peace. But for that, we have to maintain own peace. So focus on your peace.

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  1. Your positive thinking is praise worthy but only when ther is positive ness both way otherwise sometime you may have to face some problems and one should be mentally prepared for this .Self control and sadhana are the ways given by Lord Krishana and Lord Budha.Power your mind.As your thoughts so your mind. Sow good thoughts .

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