Remember who you are.

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Two brothers were fighting for business and property share. One brother was feeling very bad that he is also playing all the bed tricks to get more. Finally, one day, he took a stand that I will not play dirty, this is not who I am. Whether I get the property share or not, I will not play dirty. That day, he slept most peacefully in his life. He got smaller share and he was peaceful and happy. He knew what he was getting. However, his business grew and he soon earned everything back. He wondered where would he have landed, if he would have been playing dirty.

This is the story of a boy whose mother always taught him, to be nice not because others are nice to him but because he was a nice person. He grew up with same values. It was not that, he did not meet people who hurt him or who would cheat him. He was being cheated. He was being hurt by others but he was peaceful and somehow, he was always in a better situation than his past. He realized that more and more he followed who he was, he felt he was being taken care of.

We all are divine. We all have the divine guidance. We actually do not have to worry about others harming us. We all are made in divine reflection of GOd. We all are made up of star dust. BEfore feeling lost or bad or doing any harm, we just have to remember who we are. We have to wake up that divine part within us which is sleeping. We have to follow that divine part. We have to seek guidance from that divine part. We have to remember that we have been made by creator with his own hands in his own light. WE step into a temple or mosque with highest respect because we feel it’s a home for divine but we need to remember that we are also a home for divine. So we need to handle ourselves with same respect and love. The moment we will start doing that, we will start waking up that divine part with us and it will start growing for us.

Sit and introspect. Ask who you are and then follow that. Do not fall into the trap of how others are. Be who you are and you will always come out more divine.

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