Generally people are in more pain when they are more angry. They need more love.

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Her husband was screaming and screaming. She was crying badly that what bad she had done to attract that kind of anger. Finally after 2-3 days when it settled, she wondered what to do and how to handle such kind of anger. After taking professional help for herself and her husband, she realized that deep down he had many hurtful incidences stored from childhood. His father had an extra marital affair and his mother always suffered a lot. He was scared of suffering. They lived with his father’s family but everyone looked down at them, humiliated them and this lady had no idea about her husband’s childhood troubles. When she got to know she broke down. She felt like her heart was melting. She wanted to give all her love to him. Lot of healing happened, lot of love came through, finally she won over his trust. Why trust, because for the person whose trust was broken by own parents, it’s very difficult to trust anyone in life. After that there was so much of love but yes she had to keep lot’s of patience.

Why is someone angry? Why is someone screaming? When someone is in some kind of pain. No one screams or get’s angry when they are peaceful and happy. When they are angry, instead of seeing the anger, atleast for the loved ones, maintain a level of patience and try to understand why they are angry. Once you will know why someone is angry, you will not feel like getting angry at them. You will feel like loving them more. Because their one layer of anger is triggering anger in you. But deep down we all are very loving beings and we all have lot of love for each other especially our loved ones. WE need that to come out and that can come out when we look beyond one layer.

Have faith in your relationships. have faith in your loved ones. Have faith in love.

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