Be patient with people. Generally everyone is nice and honest.

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She was shouting at her maid everyday for not cleaning the utensils properly. She wanted a perfectly cleaned dishes and she was feeling mad that everything she picks up needed to be washed again. One day, her other maid told her that this lady is old and can’t see properly. She is working because she needs money as her husband is not supporting enough. She has to pay for children too. The lady started crying for her behaviour. She felt like why she could not think of this earlier.

One gentleman was always coming late to office and his boss was mad at him saying you are always late. But he started coming late only for na month in 5 years of service. All his five years of punctuality was forgotten. One day when he started coming on time the boss asked the reason and he shared that his son was fighting cancer in the hospital. So he had to take care of many things.

One friend suddenly stopped taking calls. The other one when needed money tried calling and when not attended assumed that his friend did not want to stay connected. Finally, one day he himself called up and shared how he was stuck with family situation, how his child was suffering and his business had shut down. It took him two years to take care of things and now, when he is slightly better, he had called up his friend first. He shared that he really really missed his friend.

We all have many things going on in life and generally we are so focused on own life that we forget that the other person also would have some situation. May be worse than what we are going through.

Do not assume bad
Do not judge
Try to understand
Try to ask
Try to think good of other person
Send prayers and love

Open your heart and you will be proud of yourself!

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