You tune into love and everything else will tune into you!

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I reach to my patience level almost everyday with twin toddlers running around, throwing things and food, sometimes biting into each other to handle their teething, asking things all the time as per their desire which I can’t give like chocolates and demanding to explore and learn everything so asking to be picked up all the time to see things (Which is good but I need to get stronger to pick up twins many times together now). Things go out of control if I lose my patience that is my learning number one. But if I keep my patience not only externally but internally too and see them with love, they give in. Their tantrums stop. They can’t fight back love. They fight back my anger not love. That is my learning! So all the parents please know thins thing, the saying, if I keep calm all the time, they will hang me is wrong. If you keep calm and deal with love, you will be giving them the most beautiful gift.

Now, why it is important to share this learning because then it was time to apply that on everyone and everything and to train everyone on same. So the gentleman who who was facing some financial problems, I asked him to maintain love in his heart not fear and then deal with his clients could handle the situation and his financial problem also got solved. It seems like we only block many things with our anger and fear and all those stupid emotions.

Another lady, who was suffering in her joint family asked how could she handle things. So the way was love but again the fear always stepped in. So she also started practicing love to express herself rather than getting suppressed. She told herself always, I love them, they love me and I love myself so I have to do it for myself. Whatever she did not appreciate, she would express it with love rather than hurting someone like I do not appreciate what you are saying rather than (How can you say it to me, you are always so bad etc kind of comments) personally targeting anyone. She would fill herself with love and peace and then talk. Gradually they accepted the new girl.

Fill up yourself with love and then head on to life!

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