Set your goals, give yourself a wonderful reason to live for and wake up everyday.

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One 55 years old gentleman called up. He was born in a financially well to do family. He was wondering what to do everyday. He felt that he was wasting his life. He was old, had enough money, family and kids are doing fine, what else to do. Because this is how we have been trained so far in life. He reminded me of an incidence. I was delivering a seminar of some 300 people and I asked what’s the purpose of your life and one gentleman said I thought this is the purpose, wake up, raise a family and take care of them and die. But when you start feeling like there is something which needs to be done, then definitely, something is calling you. First thing, take it, you are being guided and life wants to steer you towards a bigger side.

No one is ever wasted. If we do not have a reason to live for, why will god keep us here. He has meticulously designed each and every detail of this Universe. Nothing is designed without a reason. Just that when we feel that, it means, we are going to get more reasons.

If no one else is giving you a reason, then give yourself one. How do you feel while waking up, when there is no where to go, nothing to do. You feel like keep staying there. If it continues for a long time then? How do you feel when you have to go to a picnic or for a holiday or for something which you really like? You probably woke up 10 times in the night looking at the watch and wondered when it will be the time to get ready. Life should be like this. Everyday, give yourself a reason to wake up to. To look forward to something new in life. Keep adding new things. If you keep living like old self everyday, you will be older than you know. Your health? Oh, it will improve with your new life and thought process. Your mind will get a signal that you are happy and you have to do more. It’s not about the big things. It could be small like reading a comic, going for a picnic, meeting new friends, talking to an old friend, exploring new area of the city, visiting an orphanage, meeting children, going for a pizza party, set your new goals everyday to have fun and you will see how beautiful life is. If you get bigger goals, then run! You will always need more time. But have something to look forward to.

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