Does not matter how unachievable your goals are, write them and see them, have courage to bring them out of you and Universe will bring them for you.

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So many times I meet people who share their secret goals and they have always been secret. They have never shared them with anyone. Why? Because they do not want anyone to know. Why? Sometimes they do not share the reason, sometimes fear of being laughed of when we do not achieve them and sometimes, some repulsion towards people, sometimes fear etc. But then why should Universe know your goals? So why Universe has to know your goals?

So we do not want anyone to know our goals, so anyone means anyone. Now, why it is important for Universe to know our goals? Well, we are not even equivalent to one point in this Universe. Our goals need Universal energy to move and to be achieved. If we are achieving alone without Universe, we will receive as per our size. But if we are aligning with Universe, we will shake up the whole world to get that. More over, it is like I have two toddlers. Now, when I particularly see, something has caught their fancy, I try to get it for them, so that they can be happy. So if Universe will see it, it will bring it to us.

2016, I wrote some 20 goals on a chart paper and put them up on a wall. My husband asked me, can’t you make a better looking one, who so ever will see it will laugh at it. (He is a perfectionist). Anyway, so if I would have waited for him, I do not know how long would I have to wait to write them down. So I let it be there with my doodles. People came and asked and some friends laughed too. But by the end of 2017, 90% have been achieved. So many times, I have heard similar things from other people I have been coaching. that when I picked up my last year diary, I realized that I have achieved so much after writing.

So friends, whatever you want, go and get it. Do not under estimate what you want and the support you have. This whole Universe wants to support you and all its energies are supporting you.

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