Am I kind is the only check point we need before any action or word.

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She grew up like an orphan. Her parents died and she had to come and live with her father’s elder’s brother and family. The aunt did not want that but could not say anything. So her journey started with all the abuses and bad words and hitting and silent crying. When she grew up she knew what bad child hood could do. She was one of the most kind ones we would see around.

She grew up with a golden spoon. Her family always gave her more than what she wanted. However, they forgot ton give her good human values. She would shout at her servants or anyone who would cross her path.

She grew up in a modest environment but she also learned lots of manipulation. So when she got married, her mother in law and other sister in law they always cried and left to live by themselves. Her husband found out those things when everything was already over.

He did not have proper clothes to wear to go to school. So he always avoided going to school. However, he became a big businessman and always supported school going kids.

He was very big businessman and was not bad or good. But once he was in need of money and no one supported him. he came out of it but after that he knew he had to support lots of people. He was kinder and better every time.

There could be stories of both genders growing up in different situations, different upbringing and many things. They all contribute but there are few decision which we have to take in life. We all go through hardships. After every hardship we have to take a decision whether we want to be kind or not. Our words can make or break a person. Our small action of kindness can go long way. Not to say what we give, comes back to us. Do not blame parents, circumstances or anyone else for who you are. You are whatever you are because of your own decisions.

Please be kind when you say something. When you take an action, be kind. Be kind and you will never go wrong.

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