“I do not care” is the best gift sometimes.

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New year ho halla is over. The work starts and daily things also start. People who come to share their stories also begins. If it is party time, it is the time of stress also for many. There is a lot of social exchange. People meet friends and friends of friends. People go to party and go to friends or family’s places or for holidays hoping they will have wonderful end for the last year and a wonderful start for the new one. may be hoping that whole of the next year will be a party. I hope it is a life time party! But in all the social exchanges and gatherings we also pile up lots of stress. because we have grown up with the thought process of what would the other person think. What are they talking about me (Others must think good of me, others must talk good about me) If we feel we have unintentionally or by mistake done something which has spoiled our social impression then it is more than enough to give stress for many days which will eventually spill over many other things.

“I was looking so dull, I was over dressed for the party”
“My child was not behaving properly in the party”
“My gift was small”
“I could not participate in the dance or games”
“I was at home and did not go anywhere”

Seriously! I do not care. What others are thinking when My child is crying and behaving out of social norms. My first priority is to take care of the child. Should be the attitude. Who thinks what is their job not mine! I gifted what I could so if it’s small I do not care. I was at home and I love my home. I do not care if I did not go anywhere or I did not have any party. I could not spend any money on new year, it’s fine, whatever i had, I did. I am what i am. I do not have to be a part of crowd. Which means dressing dull but in comparison to what? Whatever!

This is not only for new year, this is always.

But before worrying about what others are thinking of us and stressing about that, we need to stop worrying about how others are. Then only we can give that gift to others. Freedom given is freedom taken too. If we are judgemental of others which is generally a negative opinion, we will always be worried, what others are thinking of us. Because deep down we will know it is negative. So I do not care how others are and I do not care, what others think of me. Be stress free, be happy!

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