Get rid of every anger inside you one by one instead of simply burying it inside you.

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Has someone hurt you in the past, I am sure someone has. Are you still mad? Do not deny! Do not worry if someone else will judge you or will feel that you are still carrying that anger, it’s past and many more those stupid judgements. It’s your mind and your heart. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone in this world. If your house catches fire, will you worry about, dousing that fire or what will people think of your house? Your first job is to settle the things in house. Similarly, your first job here is to keep your mind peaceful. If it is not, then you need to get it out.

So here we go! I am sharing one healing technique to get rid of anger. Do it for yourself not for anyone else. It’s your body and your mind. You have every right to be peaceful. We need to know all the elements of nature Earth, water, Air, fire, sky are healing as they are the purest forms of energy. You can use any source to connect to for healing. here I am going to talk about water.
1. Take a box (May be some wide mouth with wide lid) or a jar, fill it up with water.
2. Thank it for helping you in healing and taking all your negative energy.
3. Speak whatever is there in your mind including all the abusive words (Even if it’s like feel like punching your face etc)
4. Close the lid
5. Take it to open field (Please do not throw that water on plants or trees etc as it is stored with lots of negative energy)
6.Open it and throw it away with an intention that please transmutate every energy into love.
7. Repeat it everyday till the time you are feeling free and over with that thing.

It can be used for any kind of pain, guilt, anger etc.

Heal yourself and live a life full of love. Create a space inside you for love by releasing all unwanted.

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