Keep your mind healthy to keep your body healthy.

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At the age of 75, he climbed fifteen floors by feet without panting and I was amazed at his stamina. I asked him the secret behind his health. He started laughing and said that keep laughing. Still I wanted to know more. We relate old age with knee pain, back pain, unable to walk properly etc and here this man was climbing fifteen floors!

He made me sit next to him like a father and he shared some beautiful moments of his life. It was a pleasure to listen to him. He kept sharing very happy moments and then i asked him, you do not have anything hard to share? He started laughing, he said that young girl, I might have had many hardships, no one evades it but this is what I remember. I do not brood over what bad has happened. So that was secret number one. He said that he has been eating healthy, exercising, taking care of his health but that is not all. He has been doing all but even after doing all that, we are unable to have a good health because of bad thoughts, If we are not happy and healthy up in mind, we cannot have a healthy body. Stress is a killer. Worries are killer too. bad thoughts, jealousy, guilt or any kind of negative thought is a killer. They kill our body slowly and gradually and we do not even realize. Whatever we are thinking in mind, our body is reacting to that. If we have a happy image of body and life in mind, we will have that in life. If we have a sad image, our body starts becoming sad and it starts falling sick. Different emotions affect different parts of body and we will have problems in body. Someone will have back pain, knee pain, head ache or anything depending on what we are thinking.

So let go off bad experiences, retain your good ones. Make an effort to gather positive experiences, share as much as you can, spend happy time with your family and friends. Spend time with pets and you will see that your health will take a positive turn. Do not tell yourself before doing like how can I climb 15 floors, (made me feel shy) always tell yourself, I could have done more. let your mind stretch and that will stretch your body. Be happy and you will have a happy body.

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