Always serve with love.

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One friend came over. She was in great need of money. She is a skilled food maker. I asked her, this is what you are best at, so do it. may be start from small but do it. Food business is never out of business. She said that she thinks her life is for service and she should be spending her life for a cause. (I cannot laugh because it is a noble intention) but how will you serve, if you cannot serve yourself. You need others to support you and you want to support others. How is it possible. Her father was taking care of her at the age of 80. She was 39, did not marry saying she wanted to serve which is fine but then do something about it. On the name of service, why are you sitting idle? She was kind of shaken up and said that I want to serve, but I will have to earn. How will it happen?

Who says, earning is not service? No one can earn money without serving others. We serve and we earn. When we serve, we shall serve with so much love and honesty, so that it becomes our service to God. Everyone is a presence of God. He is in everyone and everything. If we can provide whatever we are providing with all the love we have, we will be loved back with all the love in the heart of Universe. She arranged a set up at home itself within her society for take away and home tiffin. She got the clients. She had to work hard for some time but then it started working out. With the same food, she could also provide food to people who came to her asking for free and she could support people further. She was very happy after one year because earlier she used to wonder, how she could serve people but she was actually serving.

Whatever you do, do it with love. Do not think that you are doing it for someone else, see that you are doing it for God himself. Like you prepare prasad, you do everything else.

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