Have an attitude of what more I can give instead of what more I can get. You will always be peaceful.

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One small girl who was just 4-5 years old came and said, can I do something for you. I wondered. I thought she needed money. But no, then I looked at her clothes and realized she was from a very good well to do family. So I asked her where is her mother and she pointed towards one direction. So I asked her why did she ask this? She said that my mother has told me, if I want to be happy, I need to do something for others. I was feeling sad because our holidays are ending. So I wanted to be happy. I have already helped one auntie and I want to help you also. So I asked, are you feeling little better after helping her. She started smiling and said yes. I helped her daughter feel better, so aunty was very happy. She hugged me, blessed me and I felt very good. I did not have anything which I could ask her to do. So I told her, I am not feeling very good either, so let’s hug each other. may be I will also feel better by hugging you and may be you will feel good after that. She agreed and then we walked a little. Then we collected some flowers fallen on ground and we laughed. When i wanted to buy something for her, she said…no, no..that’s the condition. While doing something for someone, we shall not take anything. My heart melted and I told her, I want to eat an icecream. If she wont accept, I won’t be able to eat and I will be sad. She thought for a while and agreed. So we both had icecream and I raised my hand towards her mother as a permission. I definitely felt so good after spending time with her. But then I heard this little girl telling her mother that she had a nice day and she was feeling good and ready to go home. made me feel further good.

If we grow up with an attitude of what more I can get, we will always grow with a feeling of lack and we will feel, something was not done for us or what is done is not enough. But if we start inculcating the attitude of giving and what more we can do, we will see a shift inside us. We will be peaceful and happy. Infact most of the times, we will feel more people coming to us. It’s upto us, what we want!