Breathe in the divine white light of love and peace everyday. Heal your body, heal your life.

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One gentleman who was suffering from various health issues called up. he said that he feels very depressed in the environment he is living in and he is unable to do anything about it. In his whole routine, he explained, how everyone either is arguing or always on toes and alert about the upcoming argument. I wondered how they are surviving in such an environment or actually they were barely surviving. That’s why their health was falling apart. He said that he could not change his environment but he wanted to improve his health. So, everyday he started going on his roof top at the time of sunrise. He would sit in fresh air and let his body relax. After that when sun would rise, he would close his eyes and he would tell himself that he is breathing in love, peace and health. He would see in his mind eyes, that he was breathing in white light.

He started staying peaceful. Which also started creating calming affect on others around him. The environment at home was better. Earlier everyone was emitting negativity but now, there was a source of love and peace, which started healing others.
He started feeling more energetic
He started feeling healthier everyday.

We all can do that. We all have that infinite source of love and well being around us. Spend some time with yourself. Give yourself a gift of divinity. Give yourself a gift of health and peace. If you cannot find out time early in the morning, find your quiet time any time of the day. But give yourself fresh light and energy everyday. Do not take your body for granted. Your soul is living in this body. It is your prime responsibility to take care of this body. Keep it divine, keep it happy and keep it healthy. Eat a healthy food. Think healthy and live healthy.